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Jay Gibbs


J4k Bounemouth AGES 5-11/12-15 16+ Every Friday - West Moors Playing fields 3G 6-7:30pm

J4k Yeovil AGES 5-11/12-15 Yrs 16 + Every Monday, Yeovilton rec. Centre AGP - 6-7pm

J4k Street- AGES 5-11/12-15 16+ Every Tues- Yrs 16 + Strode College 3G- 5;30-7pm

J4K Taunton- AGES 5-11/12-15 16+ Every Thurs- Bishop Foxes Sch- 5:45 -7pm

J4K Weymouth- AGES 5-11/12-15 Yrs 16 + Every Monday- Budmouth comm. Coll- 6-7:30pm

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The FREE coaching sessions are a taster to see if Just4Keepers can enhance their goalkeeping skills. All keepers who attend our sessions receive will receive FREE goalkeeper gloves with our FREE Glove Sponsorship GUARANTEE!!! to ALL Dorset Somerset Youth Keepers.




For information on our goalkeeper coaching in Weymouth, Bournemouth, Taunton, Street, Glastonbury, Wells, Yeovil and Wincanton contact  Jay Gibbs

Venues Just4Keepers – Somerset & Dorset

J4K Wincanton   (AGP pitch) Wincanton Sports Ground, Moor Lane Wincanton BA9 9EJ 5:45-7pm

J4K Street   (AGP pitch) Strode College, Street Somerset BA16 0AB 5:30-7pm

J4K Taunton  (AGP pitch) Bishop Foxes School Bishop Foxes Drive Taunton TA1 3HQ 6-7pm

J4K Yeovil (AGP pitch) Yeovil Recreation Centre Mudeford Road Chilton Grove, Yeovil BA21 4AW 5:45-7:00pm

J4K Bournemouth  (AGP pitch) Fryers Field West Moors, Ferndown BH22 0LL 6-7:30pm

J4K Weymouth (AGP pitch) Budmouth Sports College Chickerell Road Weymouth DT4 9SY 5-6:30pm

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Coaching Career

Director of Just4keeper Dorset & Somerset, Fifteen years goalkeeper coaching experience in the U.K and abroad. Like many young, promising goalkeepers, Jay battled with his height and was told that he might not be tall enough to make it as a professional goalkeeper. Determined to succeed Jay continued with his hard work and dedication.

At the age of 16 Jay’s hard work paid off, by signing a professional apprenticeship contract for 2 years at Reading Football Club. While at Reading questions were getting asked about his height he decided to also study. While at Reading F.C, he gained  qualifications that eventually lead to a degree in Physical Education and Sports Science at the Elite Loughborough University.

While playing Semi-Pro for several non-league teams. Jay also gained ‘Qualified Teacher Status’ gaining his Post Graduate Certificate in Education,  Jay Gibbs is currently working towards his U.E.F.A ‘B’ coaching Licence. Jay has also been to  the USA as a goalkeeping coach for the most reputable coaching organisations for youth Soccer in America. Jay has also been involved in the coaching of goalkeepers at Torquay United F.C, AFC Bournemouth.

Jay’s busy coaching schedule is now taken up coaching young goalkeepers at local youth football teams to reach their full potential in the South-West. Jay operates 6  Just4keepers academies across the South-west in Dorset, Somerset.

Jay Gibbs has won awards for his coaching and committment to youth goalkeeping coaching. Over the last five years Jay has been responsible for the development of an average of 200 students per week. And has helped many of his students actually play at 20 professional clubs!

Jay now sees teaming up with Just4Keepers as adding that ‘Specialist Touch’ to his established goalkeeping Academies. Jay not only prides himself on the level of coaching that he provides but also the facilities that he uses. All venues are on floodlit grass, providing your child with the best conditions in which to improve. Jay works on the principle of having a positive mental attitude, determination and hard work in order to succeed.


Just4Keepers International Goalkeeping Academy are offering specialist weekly goalkeeper coaching to ALL goalkeepers in Somerset of all ages and abilities. J4K would like to invite all the keepers at your club along to attend our J4K coaching venues for Two Invitational only). The FREE coaching sessions are a taster to see if Just4Keepers can enhance their goalkeeping skills. All keepers who attend our sessions receive will receive FREE goalkeeper gloves with our FREE Glove Sponsorship GUARANTEE!!! to ALL  Dorset Somerset Youth Keepers.

Jay Gibbs  –  Qualifications

F.A Licensed Coaches Club F.A Football Coaching Award Level2

FA licensed Coaches Club F.A Goalkeeping Coaching Award Level 2

Currently working toward U.E.F.A B License

FA Introduction to Futsal Goalkeeping Course

FA Emergency First Aid FA Safeguarding Children workshop

                                                                      Do you want to be a professional keeper?

Goalkeeper Agent is a service that we have put together to help our students achieve their dream of becoming a professional goalkeeper. Each year J4K tries to represent as many young goalkeepers as we can to get them on the road to become a professional football player. Again like the majority of things Just4keepers have set upfor goalkeepers,this is a FREE service. Please go to www.goalkeeperagent.com for more info.  If you think you have talent and want Just4keepers to represent you goalkeeping career,please submit your goalkeeper video to Goalkeeper CV. Again this is ANOTHER free service J4K has set up just for budding goalkeepers Testimonials    

We have been meaning to e-mail you for ages just to say what a great job you do at training,the whole set up, and the e-mails and videos ! . The videos are just full of helpful information they are CLASSICS and good round family viewing…….we love them.

Thanks a lot

Billy Dunne (Penketh) and Family

Dear Sir/Madam I would like to extend my gratitude to J4K for all the effort made by Jay to improve my daughter to the level she has achieved today even to the extent that Jay Stevens has attended a tournament to see her progress.(I will say no more asher stats speak volumes on her progress under J4K and the quality of Jays training).

Amy for Woburn U11s

Andrew’s confidence has increased tremendously since joining J4K . He really believes in his own ability now. J4K is professional, very child friendly and so much good fun – the children don’t realise they are training!

Andrew Holder

J4K goalkeeping is a well-organised academy. It is run by the special legend himself… Ray Newland and also his hard working Paula! All of the coaches are hilarious; they are not too serious not too relaxed making it a good experience.

My son has improved immensely; it is great and much much fun for my child. We rate it 10/10, they are all hard working hero’s.

Luke Cusato

My son has attended several professional academies and not one of them even come close to the standard of coaching that David receives from J4K! The training is intense but fun, demanding, yet relaxed and designed to bring out the best in the individual. The coaching system is light years of any academy training I have saw in my four years of watching my son.

David Smith

Re J4K: Nics confidence has grown + grown, when we watch him play his matches we see a goalkeeper worthy of being a professional on TV! This is all thanks to the J4K coaches. Their respectful fun coaching is SO good you cannot express how GREAT they make the keepers feel!

Nick Ellerby

Since my lad joined J4K, I’m amazed at his progress so far with all this expert coaching! His all round skills in goal now are at a level so high, the pride I feel when he’s applauded almost makes me cry!

When he got his first man of man of the match, this was all thanks to you. The look on his face when he got this trophy… it was like his dream had come true. So three cheers from his trainer!!!

David Cree

By the far the best coaching I have come across!! Everything is SO positive and really boosts confidence and brings out the potential in all keepers.Mattie was low on confidence when he joined J4K, but J4K has completely transformed him and encouraged him, and more importantly he now really enjoys himself…so thanks to J4K.

J4K is simply the best!!!

Mattie Howard

I never knew working so hard could be so much fun! Since I stared J4K my goalkeeping has improved a lot.

James Brady

I would like to thank Jay and all the J4K coaches for their help, support and enjoyment. Aaron’s goalkeeping ability has brought him many accolades from many other foot balling managers. J4K has given him SO much confidence.

Thanks to you all!

Dear parents, I have been privileged to watch this week unfold and see everything what the Just4keepers coaches have done with your child.

In some of the worst rain and weather that I have seen, it was a credit to the J4K coaches who not only managed to continue with the Goalkeeper coaching in such horrid conditions, but they did this with somehow keeping a smile of EVERY child’s face . How they managed to pull this off in such poor conditions can only be testimony to the knowledge and experience of their goalkeeping.

Not only was the goalkeeper coaching spot on, but how they treated and entertained yourchild away from the pitch was also a credit. The only thing that leaves me to say is this…

You left your prize possession, your child, and trusted J4K with their well being, well I want to say that this trust was not misplaced and every child was looked after as if it was the J4K coaches own children Thank you J4K for giving me a wonderful insight to what you are all about it was my honour to have spent this week with you all.

  Why don’t YOU come and experience Just4keepers you will not be disappointed!

               For more information on Just4keepers, visit our website

J4K Logo

Welcome to Just4Keepers Dorset and Somerset J4K are currently offering  1 FREE goalkeeper coaching session  and 1 FREE pair of G.K gloves to all youth keepers. We have already distributed 300 pairs and many of those keepers are now benefiting from their FREE goalkeeper coaching attending our Two J4K Specialist Coaching venues in Dorset and four in Somerset.

Our aim is to raise the technical standard of keepers and most importantly of all build their confidence, provide knowledge and expertise by Coaches who have played at the highest level and give them opportunities of taking their goalkeeping to the next level. We plan to open another J4K goalkeeping school in Dorset and Somerset In the new year. Please would you be so kind in forwarding this email onto all your Keepers to ensure all keepers receive this opportunity. I appreciate you are very busy, you would be a huge catalyst for making this opportunity happen for these keepers at grassroots level.
J4K would be more than happy to run any Goalkeeper workshop/clinics for coaches at your club FREE of charge  in the foreseeable future on a feasible basis to give coaches new coaching techniques, ideas and G.K drills.  If you would like me to attend any club meetings to explain how Mob: 07979195485. Please feel free to read some of our testimonials below that parents have written about their child’s experiences with Jus.


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 Just4keepers Coaching Videos Dorset and Somerset

Below shows just a few of our goalkeeping coaching videos. To view many more click on the YouTube logo and subscribe to our YouTube Channel

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