J4K Launches in South Africa


UPDATE!! Brian Baloyi has been announced as the Academy Director for J4K South Africa. Brian along with Grant Nicholls of Papadi Marketing will be launching the J4K brand in 2017.

Watch out for updates!!

Please bare with us until we get things up and running. J4K is a grassroots company and works from grassroots upwards. Setting up systems in South Africa for ordering plus sourcing top goalkeeper coaches takes time to get right. Once we have everything in place you can be guaranteed top coaching and top quality equipment.


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                                                     J4K Launches in South Africa

J4K South Africa launched their first GK camp in July 2016 at Modder FC in Johannesburg. Coached  Jim Leighton (Man U & Arsenal) and Liverpool University coach Judd Lewis, the event was attended by over 45 goalkeepers of all ages.

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As if meeting Jim Leighton was not enough the J4k keepers in attendance also got to meet SA goalkeeping legend Brian Baloyi! Even Janine Van Wyk the  Banyana Banyana Captain made a visit!




What next? J4K are planning two events in early 2017:

  • Coaching the coaches. A training camp focused on training the new generation of J4K South Africa coaches.
  • Goalkeeping camp (All ages) once again we will bring top level goalkeeper coaching back to SA!

If you would like to attend any of the above training sessions or camps please email: info@just4keepers-sa.com for more info.

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